December 15, 2015 release of KB3035583 "Upgrade to Windows 10" component

On several of our test computers, a new release of Microsoft Update named KB3035583 has been offered through Windows Update.
This version's revision number is 202.
Its "last revision date" is 2015 December 15.

It is marked "Important" so it should be pushed to your computer if you are using recommended Windows Updates settings (which you should in most cases)
Not all our test machines have been offered the newer KB3035583 yet, but we know it will be pushed to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines (except those running Enterprise edition) sooner or later.

This new KB3035583 will install, or reinstall if you previously disabled them, the "Get Windows 10" and GWX components: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3035583

In order to avoid being annoyed by "Upgrade to Windows 10" (or even have your computer been upgraded without your knowledge), one can use our free utility "Win10wiwi".

Users who have already run Win10wiwi in the past will usually have to run it again to disable GWX and KB3035583 again.
It is available here:

It is not necessary to install nor download Windows Update KB3035583 in order for Win10wiwi to disable it: If this release of KB3035583 is offered to your computer but not yet installed, Win10wiwi  will disable it all together and it will not been offered to your system again.

We are in the process of releasing a Pro version of Win10wiwi that would automate the monitoring of GWX components and disable them automatically, without requesting the user to run it manually, even when Microsoft releases newer versions of Windows Updates responsible for installing the various components involved in the "Upgrade to Windows 10" process.
This version will not be free, but the free version will still be available.
We do not know the price of the Pro version yet, certainly around $10/10€.
Users that have been supporting us by sending more than $5/5€  on our "support us" page http://win10wiwi.com/buysomething.com prior to the release of Win10wiwi Pro will be entitled to at least one license of the pro version of Win10wiwi (one license for each $5/5€ spent on our "Support Us" page).

Stay tuned !


Microsoft pousse plus agressivement Windows 10 sur les anciens PCs ? Win10wiwi est encore là !

Nous avons pu lire ça et  que Microsoft pousserait de nouveau Windows 10 sur les PCs sous Windows 7 et Windows 8, même ceux qui auraient été configurés via GWX Control Panel pour empêcher cette mise à jour d'être proposée.

GWX Control Panel n'est pas le seul outil destiné à empêcher les systèmes Windows 7 et Windows 8 de passer à Windows 10 de leur propre chef.

SysStreaming a développé  l'outil gratuit Win10wiwi (Windows 10 when I want it).

Son approche est différente de GWX Control Panel car il prend le mal à la racine en désinstallant les composants responsables du déploiement de Windows 10 sur les PCs sous Windows 7 et Windows 8 et en faisant en sorte que ces composants ne se réinstallent pas lors de la prochaine mise à jour.

Il se peut que soit publiée une nouvelle version d'un des composants "Windows Update" responsable de la mise en place d'un des processus de mise à jour plus ou moins forcée vers Windows 10. Si ce composant vient à s'installer de nouveau, il suffit a priori de lancer UNE FOIS Win10wiwi pour le désactiver totalement de nouveau.

Pour l'instant, sur nos machines de test (plus de 8), Windows 10 n'est pas réapparu.

Voyons ce que le patch-Tuesday de ce 8 décembre nous réserve !

Suspense !


Why did I create Win10wiwi (Windows 10 when I want it)?

I am the maker of a small and free utility that prevents Windows 10 from being installed on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers and from annoying users that decided they did not want to upgrade for now.
Why did I do that ?
I have a bunch of Windows 7 systems (not taking into account the ones used by the family) and a couple of Windows 8.1 customized with Classic Shell, and I am quite happy with them.
At first, I was just annoyed by "Upgrade to Windows 10" nags.
When I discovered that 3-6GB of Win10 installation files were pushed up on all of the systems behind my back I became upset. Quite angry in fact.
I then decided to disable and remove the components responsible for these behaviors of my systems.
It took some time, research, and the processes involved steps that are quite complex if you are not a computer guy.
Fortunately, I am a computer guy, I founded a start-up dealing with Desktop Virtualization in 1999.

So I managed to disable or uninstall the components that made my systems potential Windows 10 devices.
And I decided that I would create a small utility, mainly with just one button to click, that would automate the process.

I did, it's free for anyone to download:
Win10wiwi stands for "Windows 10 when I want it"

It is not a hack, just an automation of perfectly legit processes that runs the steps required to disable and uninstall only what is needed for Windows 10 to stop being offered, sometimes in a sneaky way.
It also recover the space used by Windows 10 installation files that can have been pushed to computers
During my research to develop this app, I found out that telemetry components, that report statistics and behavioral data to third parties, could be disabled and uninstalled too, so I offered the possibility to do so in the app.

While developing the app, a new component was deployed to Windows 7 and 8 systems that would, very often, upgrade to Windows 10 without any consent from the user.
As they did for the installation files pushed silently to Windows 7/8 systems, MS pretended that this was an error! But Win10wiwi was modified to take this new behavior into account, so, unless the way the next error is totally different, systems that have run Win10wiwi should be safe from this kind of error now...

Last but not the least, the app has the possibility to configure a Windows 7 or Windows 8 system so that the "Upgrade to Windows 10" components will be (re-)enabled. It can also reactive the telemetry components if one desires that.
This app has been used almost 3000 times and recovered more than 3,000GB of storage so far.

The Inquirer wrote lately about it :  http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2425381/microsoft-is-downloading-windows-10-to-your-machine-just-in-case

Win10wiwi is just a way of restoring some more control over Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems that we are used to and that we like to use...