KB3035583 dated 2016 May 25: a dirty trick aimed at forcing the upgrade Windows 10

Several users have reported that the latest KB3035583, flagged as a recommended update, dated 2016 May 25th , creates some very unusual dialog: If you want to close this dialog by clicking the "X" used in all other interfaces to close the related program without doing anything, it will opt you in for the upgrade to Windows 10.
It order to opt-out, there is a link somewhere (on a "here" word in English editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8) that you have to click.

Here are some details about this new KB3035583:
Update KBID: 3035583
   Installed update Identity Revision=200
   Installed update Identity UpdateID=6b3b2ca0-6f5c-4b18-84de-669d64b77343
   Installed update Last Deployment Change Time=5/25/2016
   Installed Update superseded KBIDs: 7363c2c4-38df-43fe-a04b-a8b05ed52a55

Fortunately, if you previously patched Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Win10wiwi, you should not even see this dialog being displayed and, most of all, the "GWX" components (GWX stands for "Get Windows X") will not be activated.

However, because this new KB3035583 has a newer ID and does not superseded all the previous versions of KB3035583, it may get installed again on your system, even if you ran Win10wiwi previously. It should not activate the upgrade process nor the dialog mentioned above, but it will still have some side effects, like running some background tasks etc.
To prevent it from doing anything, it is recommended to get the latest version of Win10wiwi and to re-run it of the systems that have not to be upgraded to Windows 10.
It's free and it's here:

Chris Merriman, from The Inquirer, wrote some articles about this new moves of Microsoft, it is worth reading: