Win10wiwi version is out!

Thanks to some user's feedback, we discovered an issue with one of the components we use and that was recently updated.
v1.1.0.14 could be problematic in case there was no Internet connection or if there was a problem with the Internet connection.

Win10wiwi needs an Internet connection to get the list of available updates from Microsoft, since this is the only way they can be hidden. MS could have made it possible to hide uninstalled updates without getting the list of available ones, but they did not.
We worked all day to release v1.1.0.15 that corrects the issue we detected.

v1.1.0.14 will now display a message telling the users that a newer version is out. It may display an error dialog (similar to the one above) if you choose to go to the download page when you are incited to do it. If that is the case, close Win10wiwi v1.1.0.14 by clicking the cross in the upper right corner of Win10wiwi11014 interface, or right-click Win10wiwi icon in the task bar and close it from there.
Then download v1.1.0.15 and run it, it should not have any problem.


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