UpdateGate: KB3035583 is back as recommended update!

A new version of KB3035583, the main component responsible for upgrading to Windows 10, is currently being deployed to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems.

Here are the details about it:

Update for Windows 7  (KB3035583)  (This could be titled "for Windows 8.1", and "x64" could be added to this title, it depends on your system)
 Update KBID: 3035583
   Available update Identity Revision=200
   Available update Identity UpdateID=32855aab-2367-4855-8be7-c42f67080a37
   Available update LastDeploymentChangeTime=2016/02/23  (YYYY/MM/DD)
   Update DownloadPriority=2
   Available Update superseded KBIDs: 73209c3e-0511-4f6c-b61c-e155c4eaa434

Interestingly, it supersedes the previous version of KB3035583 dated 2015/12/15

As always, Microsoft does not say much about it:

All we can see is that the Gwx files have been updated recently:

File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Config.datNot applicable91,12030-Nov-201514:08Not applicable
Detectorn.datNot applicable19,77630-Nov-201514:08Not applicable

We have installed this new KB3035583 on several of our test machines that have previously been patched by Win10wiwi: So far, these machines have not shown any attempt or notification to upgrade to Windows 10.

However, users who want to avoid any surprise may want to run Win10wiwi again in order to prevent this new update from being installed.

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